Odens öga ur ett annat perspektiv

Intressanta tankar på temat har skrivits av SARA ELLIS NILSSON. Hon skriver på temat ”What Colour a God´s Eyes?

Hon framför följande tankar: 

”I have long suspected that some sword scabbard decoration, namely bosses/buttons were meant to symbolize eyes (Mortimer 2011. 112) and I think that there is some evidence to support the suggestion.  The indications are that such decorations were comparatively rare and the swords or their carriers were special in some way. The cloisonné examples especially resemble eyes, as when they are found on swords, they tend to be mounted on a pale cylinder or bulb of varying materials. The gold and garnet boss mounted on a chalcedony cylinder on the sword from grave 20 Chaouilley, France, again, does resemble an ‘eye’ with its pale colored surround”

Med andra ord, Sara Nilsson kombinerar svärdspärlor (glas/bergart) med exempelvis den fyrhövdade svärdsknappen. Hon tolkar kombinationen som Odins öga.

Källa: http://blogg.mah.se/historiskastudier/2019/02/06/part-2-what-colour-a-gods-eyes/

/Bengt Nordqvist